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December 29,2022


December 29,2022

As the energies begin to shift once again ๐Ÿค— The Deer ๐ŸฆŒ is a gentle reminder to be gentle with yourself and others. Soften your eyes so that you can see all around you clearly. Take time to see the bigger picture. There is help from The Hawk flies high above can see the higher perspective and can send you signs and bring you thoughts to guide you. Take time to see. Use your intuition. It is important right now to stay connected with yourself and the earth and also with Spirit โœจ. You will need your feet on the ground so that when your intuition gives you guidance that you can move in a calm manner. This is not the time to let your guard down and go to sleep as that will only cause you to startle and react. Be present and in the moment. With these two cards you have the benefit of seeing from on high and also being on the ground. As above, so below. You may find that you need some time alone periodically. Thatโ€™s okay too. If thatโ€™s the case just quietly move yourself away from the situation. It is better to do that then be caught up in the drama. Pay attention. Listen to your inner wisdom and intuition. Stay in balance. Stay connected. Go with the flow.


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