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December 31,2022


December 31,2022

The last day of the year ends with the appearance of The Lady of the Lake 🗡. She challenges us to accept the quest to live with integrity. This means speaking the truth, discerning what is truth and what is illusion and being your authentic self. This means respect for yourself and others. This means taking responsibility and accountability for yourself. This is about standing in your power and accepting who you are and having the courage to shine your light✨. This may feel at times that you stand alone. You are not alone. There are many light workers who too are shining their light ✨and together the light ✨will illuminate and inspire. Ask questions, seek wisdom. Connect with Spirit ✨daily and ask what you need to know today. Listen for the wisdom that comes forth. Feel the love of Spirit ✨ and share it with others either verbally or nonverbally. This is a time to get your house in order and find balance in your life. Give freely and remember to accept freely as well. If you don’t stand up for yourself no one else will. Look at all that you have and be grateful. Gratitude is powerful and can help you see things in a different light. Know that you have the strength and courage to rise up and inspire ✨others. Lead by example. Accept only the truth. Look for the truth within. There may be challenges ahead however, by standing in your truth and accepting the power within you will be able to get through whatever is presented to you. This can be scary. Facing your fears is your first step. Fear is darkness and once you turn around and shine your light ✨the darkness fades and disappears. This may sound simple because it is. Once you can see you will know what needs to be done. For example, if you want to clean out a room in order to see what you need to do you first have to turn on the light so you can see. From there you can decide where to begin. Start somewhere and adjust as needed. Know yourself. Be yourself. Find the courage within. 🗡

Love 💜 is your power. Love 💜is might 🗡. Might 🗡 is right 💜.


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