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December 5,2022

SPIRIT OF AVALON December 5,2022

During this week it would be a wise idea to look into how to gain further knowledge about things occurring within you and around you. There is going to be more changes and shifts happening especially over the next few months. Knowledge is power. Be open to new thoughts, ideas and opportunities. You will be in unknown territory which means you may have to learn new skills, gain new knowledge and be open to learning new skills and finding new ways of doing things. You will need some creativity 🕷. Solutions come forth when you are in a calm state of mind and grounded. This is where clear and critical thinking can occur. You will be able to get out of your head so to speak and connect with the rhythms of the earth and with Spirit ✨. You will need to picture your life like a web 🕸 and then work on one area at a time. If you try to multitask you may end up just turning circles so be mindful of that. Learning takes patience, determination and courage. You have all those within you. Be patient. One day, one step at a time. You may feel off the rails and overwhelmed at times. Take a break, breath, meditate 🧘‍♀️, pray 🙏, listen to music 🎶, work on a creative project 🎨 , dance 💃 or do whatever brings you peace 🕊 to get yourself back on the tracks. Trust is important. Trust yourself. Trust Spirit. Trust your intuition.


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