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December 8,2022


December 8,2022

With so many shifts, energies and changes happening you may find yourself overwhelmed and faced with far more than you anticipated. You are definitely out of your comfort zone and this can cause Fear. Spirit wants you to know that you are not alone and with Spirit’s help you will find a way through. Yes it may take some time. That’s okay. It’s not a competition. You have all the time that you need. Staying calm, staying grounded and breathing are needed. This has been said many, many times. Why? It is vital to stay in a calm state where you can think clearly and act mindfully. Fear shuts down your thinking and then you are open to the power of suggestion. Suggestions that may not be in your best interests. Each step you take may require you to go deeper within to re-evaluate and possibly recreate some aspects of your life that you need to make adjustments to. Each step may reveal a different perspective on a situation or relationship. This will require you to look at your values and what is important to you. What makes up your foundation? Is your foundation strong? What values and attributes are mutable and can be adjusted? This does not mean settling it is compromising and adjusting which is required to adapt. There is a difference. It can create great Fear to turn and look within. Changes around you may cause Fear. Know that bigger changes are happening all around us. Know that you are not alone. Your angels 😇 are with you. Shine your light ✨ on Fear so you can see where you are going. Take one step at a time and celebrate your courage. Take time to see the beauty around you that each step reveals. The Fear comes from within. What would you do if you weren’t afraid? It starts with the intent to let go of Fear. Fear is darkness. To dispel the darkness you simply have to turn on the light 💡. The light✨ is within you and always with you. Things appear different in the light ☀️ . You are never given more than you can handle. Are you willing to step up and step out? This is an inside journey of exploring who you are and who you want to be by evaluating the people, places snd things in your life. This is a time to see into your shadow side and dispel your own Fear so that you can come into peace 🕊, balance ⚖️ and harmony 🎶. This is your quest.


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