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February 1,2023

🕯️Imbolc blessings. 🕯

As we begin our return to the light take time to light a candle this evening or light a few candles. If you don’t have candles then you can turn on the lights in your home for a few minutes this evening. The St. Brigid’s Cross is made out of rushes and brings peace and protection from fire 🔥 and evil spirits for your home. The story goes that St. Brigid made the cross while sitting beside an old pagan chieftain who was dying. As she sat their she told him the story of the cross. This brought peace to his soul. He converted to Christianity before his death.

I hope this day brings peace to your soul as well.

Love 💜,light ✨and blessings ✝

🕯️ 🕯

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