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February 10,2022


February 10,2022

If you haven’t done so yet it is time to Forgive yourself. We have all done things that we are not proud of and know we could have done better. That is part of this earthly learning process. You did the best you could with the tools you had at the time. Now you have more tools and you can use them next time. Acknowledge the lessons and know that you will do better in the future. Forgive others as well as they too were in the same boat so to speak. Forgiveness does not mean you condone the action however it means you release it and let it go so that you can free your soul from the burden of carrying this on your shoulders. As we seem to be on the theme of Letting Go the past few weeks it seems a fitting time to Let Go of the inside stuff and declutter within now that you have decluttered your external world. Ask God for Forgiveness. He is very forgiving and understanding.

“Do not judge and you will not be judged. Do not condemn and you will not be condemned. Forgive and you will be forgiven. “ Luke 6:37

Forgive and let go and feel how light you feel. Feel the hope for the future. Send love and light who you need to Forgive including yourself 💜

Blessings 🙏✨

💜🙏✨ 🍎 🗡 🔮 🌀 🦄 ♾

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