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February 10,2023


February 10,2023

Most interesting reading today which is an addition to the reading from yesterday. As we begin to transform 🦢 we also begin to see that what we had thought we were was not always true. The ugly duckling thought he/she was ugly and that he/she believed that, and many other things, causing much pain and sorrow. However that was not true. He/She was a Swan 🦢 and his/her true beauty was yet to unfold. Our true beauty lies within as Spirit ✨ is within us. Through Spirit ✨ (The Holy Trinity, The Father, Son and Holy Ghost) we too will transform and our beauty will be seen. So if you are still in the ugly duckling phase then ask Forgiveness from the Father(God)✨ and watch as the Son(Jesus)✨ and the Holy Spirit(the light within us)✨ work with us, and through us, to help uncover and solve the Mystery. The Mystery of who we really are and who we are becoming. The answers are within us, they are in our hearts. The light ✨ within that connects us with Spirit ✨ and the great Mystery of life. The light ✨ that never leaves us and guides us on our way. The light ✨ that is our connection with Spirit ✨. The great “I am “. Through this light ✨ you are Forgiven if you ask and through the love💜, light ✨ and Forgiveness of Spirit ✨ watch the Mystery transform🦢 your life and the lives of others around you. This transformation 🦢is magical 🌀🦄✨. It is within us all. Will you unlock the Mystery of the light ✨? “I am the light✨. I am the love 💜. I am the truth 🗡. I am. “


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