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February 11,2022


February 11,2021

We all carry Burdens. Some may be heavier than others however they all do the same thing. They slow us down on our journey and they prevent us from exploring new ways because, face it, who wants to explore when these Burdens keep getting caught on things and you are constantly being stuck, turned around or held back until you can release yourself. This scenario becomes exhausting so a lot of times we just give up and give in. To start you need to acknowledge those Burdens. Are they big/small. How long have you been carrying them? Why are you carrying them? If you are unsure this is a good time to ask God/Spirit/your angels to help you see what you cannot see. Your Burden may have you hooked on something and you are only able to see in one direction so you are constantly seeing the same thing however you haven’t yet realized that. Ask for help so you can turn and see in another direction. When you feel ( know in your heart ♥️) what direction you want to go then ask for help from God/Spirit/your angels for your next right step, the courage to forge ahead and the courage to leave your Burden(s) behind. If you have many you can Let Go one at a time or in a bunch. Your choice. Know that you are surrounded by love 💜 and love 💜 is the most magical 🔮 healer of all. If you cannot identify your Burdens then sorting through physical objects that you have been holding on to is most useful as when you touch these objects memories will come up. Photo albums are a good source as well. Sit quietly and calmly with these memories and see them for what they are—the past. Find the courage 🦁 and love within your heart ♥️ to release all that is holding you back. There will be tough moments however your intention to heal and get through it all will provide the strength and determination to keep going.

Love 💜, light ✨ and blessings 🙏🦄


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