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February 12,2022


February 12,2022

At some point in life we all need help. It does not make you weak or any other negative connotation you may associate it with. It fact admitting the truth that you cannot do something on your own is your power. The Horse ๐ŸŽ relies on the herd for safety, partnership, friendship and security to name a few. We need to learn to do the same. There is safety in numbers. You may say that sometimes acting together is not always for the highest good of all and that is true as well. There will be those in a herd that choose to take a different path and thatโ€™s okay. As long as what you do does not hurt yourself or others mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually then you can choose to act in what you feel is for your best interests. A herd has a hierarchy as there needs to be a confident and powerful leader who looks after the safety of the herd. At times though that leadership is challenged. The Horse also reminds us to delegate duties. When a mare (female horse ๐ŸŽ) needs a break from her foal other mares will step in to babysit to give her a break. They donโ€™t see this as a weakness but a necessity and they are willing to help out. Some mares may not as they are not keen on babysitting however the contribute in other ways. Each Horse ๐ŸŽ knows itโ€™s own strengths and weaknesses and they ask for help when needed. Where do you need help? What are your strengths? Also look at your weak areas and find ways to strengthen them so you too can live in balance and harmony with the herd and yourself.


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