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February 12,2023


February 12,2023

This week’s anchor card seems daunting however it is meant to encourage us to keep going and not give up. The light at the end of the tunnel is near. Life has Risks. Each day we face Risks. Risk is anything that is new or challenges us on any level. When we venture into the unknown each day is a Risk. Even when we are in a comfortable place things can change, change comes with Risk. It’s all in how you perceive it. In living we take Risks every day. We never know what we will encounter. What value and how you choose to face Risk is up to you. You can choose to approach it from the attitude of adventure, learning and wonder or you can see it the opposite way. How you choose to see it will influence your experiences. Remember your thoughts are powerful. Know that you are always heading to the light. You are always learning and evolving. You always have choice. You can choose what path you wish. Each path will bring its own experiences. How do you chose your path? Do you weigh out the Risks versus benefits or do you follow your intuition and inner wisdom? You chose to come to earth at this time. You knew it would be an adventure. Know that your angels 😇 are always walking with you. You may be feeling like you are on the home stretch. You may be tempted to rush this last portion. Continue to go at a steady pace so that you can remain grounded and calm and can allow whatever is needed for your further healing and learning. As you start each day take time to breathe and connect with Spirit ✨ and your angels 😇 and thank them for the day and their help today. Affirm to yourself that nothing will happen that you and God ✨ can’t handle. As you reach the darker parts of the path remember that the light ✨ is within you and you can always shine this light ✨and dispel the darkness. There may be times you are discouraged. Know this will happen and remember that tomorrow is another day. You have all that you need. All is well.


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