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February 13,2023


February 13,2023

What stories does your mind tell you? What does your mind say about things? As humans we often hear our minds telling us that we are not good enough, are too fat, not smart enough etc etc. You get the picture. Well along comes The Bard and is able to change those stories into something more positive and a lot more fun. By making it fun it dispels the darkness just like if you turned on the lights in a room. Joy contains a high vibration. The Bard is great at seeing a story and being able to use it for the positive. For example, you trip and fall down. The Goblin (your ego mind) is quick to point out what a clumsy oaf you are and you buy into it and start down the rabbit hole of negative self talk. The Bard comes along and finds humour in your situation and points out that The Goblin actually tripped you and he helps you to notice that there is something important on the ground right in front of you that you wouldn’t have seen if you hadn’t fallen. How perfect was that! The Goblin thought he was playing a trick on you to even further enslave you in your negative thoughts however instead you found something of value in a seemingly difficult situation. While you are on the ground you see from a different perspective. Now it’s time to laugh at your follies. What a great story that is to find something valuable out of an unpleasant situation. There are no coincidences. Spirit helps you to see the truth and see the value in each situation. Will you listen to Spirit or The Goblin. The Goblin wants to keep you from changing by keeping you in the darkness and playing tricks on you. Spirit wants you to experience the situation so that you can see things from a different perspective and find the true value of who you are by accepting yourself just the way you are. After a while you begin to see the tricks The Goblin likes to play and you no longer “fall” for them as you realize The Goblin has been tripping you all along. As you begin to see all the deceptions of The Goblin you also see the truth. The truth will set you free as it is the light within you and is the light that dispels darkness. The light that helps you see who you truly are and how unique and powerful your story is. Write ✍️, dance 💃, or sing 🎶 your story. By telling the story to others and sharing with others how seemingly unfortunate incidences can actually create positive changes we help others and ourselves to heal. Your thoughts are powerful so choose to see the light in each situation. It will change your life. What does Spirit ✨ want you to see?


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