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February 15,2023


February 15,2023

The winds of change are definitely blowing these days. The Wind Faery💨 🧚 wants you to know that your thoughts and ideas may be changing as well. You may get information and ideas that you never knew before. Thoughts and ideas can be carried great distances on the wind 💨. It will be important to take a look at what comes to you. Use your intuition to discern what is right for you and what feels true. Use your mind to study further if you so desire. Have an open mind to all possibilities. At times there may be a lot of thoughts and ideas swirling 🌪️ in your head and it may feel like a jumbled mess. Be gentle with yourself. Stay calm and breathe in that cool, clean air that the Wind Faery 💨🧚also brings that can help you settle your nervous system. There may be some negative thoughts as your ego mind tries to keep control however be gentle with yourself as you try to sort out what is going through your mind. Be kind with your words to yourself and others. You can think it however you don’t need to say it. In fact if you think it then take the time to reframe the thought into something more diplomatic. Speak and think with love and kindness. This takes some time to learn however it is worth it in the long run. Remember to be gentle with yourself as you explore new roads. Take time to be alone as needed. If you find you are over analyzing everything take a break and do something fun. It can be easy to get caught up in the whirlwind 🌪️ of thoughts so be aware. Watch and listen. By staying calm you will be better able to see more and be able to know when to take action. Be the calm in the storm.


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