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February 16,2023


February 16,2023

Magic 🔮 is in the air! The changes continue and with the celestial 💫🪐🌘☄️alignments, currently and in the near future, we will continue to see how lead can truly be turned to gold. The light ✨within us will help us to find who we truly are. The light ✨ within us will help us to find balance ⚖️. This is the magic 🔮 and power of Spirit ✨. The power that is within us. The hidden,and deep, wisdom and knowing. The power that helps us to see ourselves in the light ✨ and through the eyes of Spirit ✨. The love that Spirit ✨ brings to us that is magical 🔮 in itself. By facing our past we can see better opportunities and possibilities for the future. The past is presented to us to learn from and therefore make the changes that, over time, turn lead into gold. Merlin had the ability to be in past, present and future. We do not have that ability however we can see how our actions of the past have affected us today and we can learn new ways and make changes for the future. The process takes time like any alchemist/chemist will tell you. This alchemy is about healing and it takes time. It is about finding peace 🕊️, harmony 🎶 and balance ⚖️ within yourself. As nature remains in balance so shall we. There will be ups and downs. Have faith and listen to your intuition. Know that universal law prevails, justice will prevail and balance will be restored. Believing in yourself is the first and most important step. Trust in yourself and pay attention to the little changes that make a difference. Pay attention to unexpected ideas etc. that come to mind that turn out to make a difference. You never know when inspiration will come. Let it inspire you as it comes from Spirit ✨. Spirit works in magical 🔮 and mysterious ways. All is well.


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