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February 17,2023


February 17,2023

Returning today is The Wasp. There is a lot happening right now and you may be experiencing a lot of frustration and anger. Anger hides deeper emotions so taking some quiet time to find what is beneath the anger is important. Finding a safe and secure space where you can regroup will be needed so if you don’t already have a safe place then it would be a good idea to create one. It may be as small or as large as you want. Even carrying some crystals, selenite and Tiger’s Eye come to mind, and just making the space where you are at the moment your space will work. Use your intuition to determine what will work best for you. Finding others of like mind will also be helpful. When you are angry it’s easy to lose control and retaliate. Yes, at times, you will need to defend yourself and your values however, discernment will be required. Knowing what situations trigger your anger will be helpful for you to understand yourself better and then know your boundaries. With this information you will be better able to decide what actions need to be taken. When you feel triggered and want to lash out and sting someone it will be important to stop, breathe and get yourself centred. If your boundaries are being violated then you will need to push back to hold those boundaries. Lots of tools will be needed over the next few weeks in order to remain centred, calm and in balance. Be discerning and know when you need a safe place and know when you need to defend yourself. This can be a bit of a tightrope walk. Forewarned is forearmed so they say 🤗. Remember to go easy on yourself if you make a mistake. Lesson learned and move on. One day, one moment at a time. This is important right now. Nature is always in balance. Trust the process.


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