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February 18,2022


February 18,2022

Several cards fell out today plus I was guided to draw a card from the Kerpers of the Light deck by Kyle Gray ( For those new to my readings the deck I use daily is The Wisdom of Avalon deck by Colette Baron Reid).

Each and everyone of us has deep ancient wisdom. We all have a Wealth of knowledge that we can access if we take the time to breathe, ground ourselves and ask. This knowledge and wisdom often surface when you least expect it and may seem like a random thought which you wonder where it came from. Next time this happens perhaps pay attention and explore this thought. Spirit is always watching and trying to connect with you via symbols, numbers synchronicities, and for some, random thoughts. With the world situation unfolding it is important to go within to find who you truly are and what is important to you. Where are your boundaries? Are they too tight or too loose?What are you prepared to fight for? Not physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is the time to stand strong, stand tall and stay in your power. You will know what you need to do. You will feel it deep within. A gut feeling so to speak. This is the time to shine your light. Pay attention to the signs and messages you see. Nothing is coincidence. Through all this turmoil it is still important to stay calm and find the peace 🕊 within. When you are being your true self then that peace 🕊 is there. If you are still struggling within perhaps you need to look in another direction. You might be fighting to get through the deadfall in the forest when there is a clear path in another direction. Ask for help if needed or you are confused. Your angels 👼 so love to assist. Continue to have faith. As the saying goes, “It is darkest before the dawn”. See the light. Be the light. Shine your light so yourself and others can see the beauty within us all. Let’s radiate that light and join with others and illuminate the world. Stay calm 🤍, stay cool 💙 and trust the process. We are loved and supported. Love 💜, light ✨ 🌟 and blessings 🙏.


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