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February 18,2023


February 18,2023

Forgiveness comes back. This theme continues to thread its way through the past few weeks because it’s something we need to pay attention to. Forgiveness is complex and has many layers so be gentle with yourself. In order to come to that place of Forgiveness there is a lot you will go through and much to release. Forgiving yourself first is essential. We have all done things that may have hurt others or made decisions that affected others negatively. That’s part of being human, life and learning. Learning is life long and as we learn more we are better able to make different decisions in similar scenarios as we have learned from previous experiences. So if there are decisions or actions you took that may have affected others negatively then acknowledge them, take responsibility for them and ask Spirit for Forgiveness. Ask Spirit how you could have handled that better. Then Forgive yourself as Spirit forgives you. There is a bit of a catch. Forgiveness means that you truly want to change and that you have some remorse. To ask Forgiveness and then continue to do the same thing is not a lesson and is not about learning to live from the heart, from love. Forgiveness will require that you remain alert and in the present moment so that you can change how you deal with things next time. If it is a one time situation then Forgiveness allows you to shed the weight of that so it no longer weighs you down. Forgiveness is understanding that we are all human and are all on a path of learning. A path that moves forward from the heart and with love. Forgiveness is just one part of this path. Each person’s path is different but the same. We are all heading for the light and striving to shine the pure light within, our true and authentic selves, however how we get there is as different and as unique as we are. Forgive others and let that burden go as well ( another frequent theme of late 😉). On your journey pay attention to the inner light ✨within, the light ✨that comes from Spirit ✨, the light ✨that comes from the heart. The light ✨that is filled with love. Ask yourself “What would Spirit do?”


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