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February 19,2022


February 19,2022

Once again the Disruption card appears. As we enter some times of very powerful transitional energies keep in mind there will be changes. Some mild, some more major and profound. All this is needed and the long term results will be positive so please breathe and stay calm if you find yourself internally or externally falling over the falls(anxiety and fear). During this time a good strategy is to work on creative projects that you enjoy. Why? Because they bring you joy 🤩 and a sense of well being within and therefore calms the soul. Creative projects are also an amazing way of connecting with Spirit. As you open up your heart ♥️ and mind and ask Spirit to guide you, then allow yourself to create from the heart ♥️ without judgement or editing, the results can be amazing. Like when you write without editing and therefore your true feelings, thoughts and desires are exposed. Let your true and authentic self come through in your creations. These creations may also be in regards to careers, relationships, housing etc. . Everything is on the table for review. Often through artistic/creative projects we get the information we need as we are in a neutral state of mind. Keep in mind to stay positive. Believe and trust that everything will work out as it is meant to be in the right time. For some this is a hard pill to swallow as the right time never seems to come. Well perhaps it’s not the right time yet or perhaps whatever it is, is not right for you. Disruption can help to shake things up and show you other possibilities. The Universe and Spirit work in magical 🔮 and mysterious ways. Believe in the magic 🔮. Disruption can be upsetting and exhausting so take time every day to do something creative to help clear out energies that may be stuck and to connect with yourself and Spirit to refresh and renew yourself.


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