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February 2,2023


February 2,2023

Today the cards bring us hope. As we walk this path trusting in where it is leading us, Spirit wants us to know that whatever challenges we face, we are being watched over and guided. Walk forward with confidence and do not get caught up in fear as you are never alone. Yes there may be things that happen which seem negative however they are often lessons and are presented to you to shine light on them. When you walk into the unknown their always is a Risk. There is also a Risk in not moving forward or staying where you are. Life is a Risk as we never know what tomorrow will bring. That’s why it is important to live in today. If you face challenges ask yourself what would Spirit do. Act with love and integrity. Trust that Spirit sees from above. The Eagle 🦅 is one of the highest flying birds and it’s keen vision allows it to see from afar. The Eagle 🦅 can choose to focus on something or it can change its direction. Perhaps by seeing from a higher perspective you will be able to better focus on what you truly want or see things you may not have seen before. This is a time to shine your inner light where there is darkness and to walk in love and confidence knowing that you are never alone. There is a feeling of being nearly there so this is the time to stay focused on what you want and keep going. Rest as needed but don’t give up. Hold your light, shine your light, be the light. Remember the light within. Remember to remember.


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