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February 22,2023


February 22,2023

Lots of 2’s today. This is a very powerful day on many levels. You may not be able to see what’s happening behind the scenes however some of you may be feeling it. There is intensity as the Birth-Rebirth cycle starts to take hold. You may experience many emotions and swing from one side of the spectrum to another. Keep the faith. Be your own best friend. Be sincere to yourself. Be who you truly are. Trust your instincts. Things are changing and a lot of those changes are unseen however they will be felt. Connecting with Spirit and remaining grounded and in that calm space is what is needed right now. Trust that all is well and as it is meant to be. Taking time to be by yourself and connect with Spirit is important however so is being with others. Find the blend that works for you. Feel the love 💜and light ✨that is shining upon you and allow it to open your heart to feel the love of Spirit ✨💜. The light of Spirit ✨shines upon you and is also within you. That light ✨is filled with love 💜and wisdom and will help you to see the truth and who you truly are. It will help you to find the courage to step forward into who you are becoming. Shine that light ✨ from the inside out so that you can see your way through and also know that it will serve as a beacon for others as well. Spirit ✨and your angels 👼 love you. Have faith in who you are and who you are becoming. Have faith in Spirit ✨. Fear not, Spirit is always within you. Allow the love💜, light ✨ and truth 🗡that is Spirit ✨to shine upon you and transform you and, the world around you. Go with the flow. Stay connected and grounded. Stay in the moment. Be you. All is well. Believe in yourself 🦄✨ Believe in the magic 🔮✨🙏.


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