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February 23,2022


February 23,2022

The story is still unfolding and you have room to make changes and bring about the result you desire because, after all, it is your story. The Bard tells the story about how this one amazing person faced many battles and defeats and was disappointed and in despair as nothing seemed to be working out, and in fact it seemed to be getting worse. The hero of the story did not understand why and he was about to give up and give in. He asked the Lord why after all he had done and all the suffering he had been through that still he had not found what he was looking for. Then he heard the voice of God within his heart telling him not to give up but to trust and rise up from the darkness he was feeling because “I am with you now, and have always been, and now I will carry you and you will see how this beautiful story ends”. The hero trusted and believed in the Lord and was carried forth into a life more beautiful than he could ever imagine. The moral of this story is that God is always with you and through Him and the Holy Spirit anything is possible. It is darkest before the dawn and in these darkest times is when God appears in all His glory and He can raise you up to face your fears and darkness. All will be well. The hero wins. The hero wins because he puts his faith and trust in the light and doesn’t give up. The hero believes in all his heart that light wins over the darkness and with this faith he marches forward with love and light in his heart. Find the love, light, faith and trust in your heart and believe that you too are the hero and have the strength and courage to face whatever is put before you because God is with you. Believe in yourself. Believe in the magic of the Lord. Love is might, might is right. Be the love. May the Force be with you.

If you still need encouragement read St.Luke Chapter 8 that will remind you of the power of the Lord.


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