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February 23,2023


February 23,2023

As you begin to experience changes and venture out please keep in mind that change does come with an element of Fear. The unknown is unknown and our human selves love safety and security. Change rattles that a bit. As you go forward acknowledge the Fear and what is the root cause of that Fear. Often it’s from other experiences and times in our lives and we have continued to hold the beliefs developed at that time. Facing your Fear is like facing darkness. If you turn on the light you will be able to see. Take small steps. It will be helpful to be grounded and stay in the present moment so you can see and think clearly. Often as you go along you gain confidence in yourself which gives you courage and motivation to continue on. Each step will bring different areas of your path into view. Perhaps you need to make changes in your direction. As we head out into the new energy there may be a variety of things that you see along the way. Nothing is coincidence. Various aspects of your life may come forth for you to make changes as needed and create new ideas and new ways of doing things. The weeks ahead may be rocky at times so please remember that your angels 😇 and Spirit ✨ are with you. If you find Fear taking hold ask them for help along the way. You will need to be flexible and it might require some unusual adaptations. Listen to your inner wisdom. You will know which way to go and you will get through this. Trust the process and know that through the process you are evolving, creating and recreating something new and more beautiful. Trust Spirit ✨. Trust yourself. You can do this. You will get through this. Believe in yourself. You are more powerful than you think. You have what it takes!


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