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February 24,2023


February 24,2023

Holy cow 🐄. The power in the cards today jumps right off the paper. We are stepping intensely into the Birth-Rebirth cycle so you may see a lot of synchronicities happening both in your own personal life and the world in general. There is powerful magic 🔮in the air. When Spirit ✨is involved anything can happen. Be ready to shake, rattle and roll. Things may change quickly and unexpectedly. Know that there are no coincidences and what needs to happen will happen. If it is no longer healthy or serving your highest needs then it will disappear magically 🪄 and leave room for something else. This process may be intense at times. It may shake things up in your world/the world so that you see things in a different light so to speak. As mentioned before everything is on the table. Emotions may be volatile. You may feel helpless and in despair at times. Know that’s okay. Fear (yesterday’s card) may also be present. Don’t go there. Know that all is well and your angels 😇 are with you. What do you do? Pray 🙏. Just Pray. Ask your angels 😇 for help and ask Spirit ✨for strength and guidance then listen to your heart. Just like the magic 🔮 of illusion you may be in awe. Let the magic 🔮 of Spirit ✨ be revealed. Enjoy the show. Stay calm, stay grounded, stay connected to Spirit ✨. Be brave and shine your light ✨ no matter how bright 🕯️ or how far. Let the magic begin 🔮✨🙏🦄.


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