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February 25,2022


February 25,2022

Your Wealth is within you not in the banks or property or other material goods. Wealth is your knowledge, your wisdom and your inner light. The light that shines within you also radiates outward and shines light for others as well. Your wisdom helps you to find your way through, even when it may seem impossible. Knowing that Spirit is always with you and will guide you and that Spirit will help you when the task ahead seems impossible brings you strength. Life right now may seem like a tangled mess however trust and have faith that you will find your way through. There may be days that you need to rest and days that require all your strength, courage and wisdom to get through. Acknowledge this. It is easy to become dismayed and disheartened on more challenging days so please take time every day to get your feet firmly planted on the ground so that you can think clearly. Breathe and take time to be grateful for where you are and what you do have. Let each day unfold as it is meant to be knowing that Spirit is with you and guiding you. Where do you even start? Listen to your intuition. Finding your way takes time so take the time you need. Make it your intent to work on it every day. A little bit at a time is okay if that is what works best for you. Go at your own pace. Know that there is light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. Spirit only brings to you what you can handle so remember this when you question yourself. Maybe others have less to deal with. That’s okay because that is their journey. Comparison does not serve you. You are where you need to be. Accept that and accept where others are on their journey. Find that spark of excitement within each day knowing that it will be brighter in the future.


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