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February 25,2023


February 25,2023

The Goblin returns. The Goblin represents our ego mind. The ego has served us in the past as it has kept us from “danger”and seemingly kept us safe. The ego doesn’t like change however and, like The Goblin, will do anything to distract you from seeing the truth which, in turn, may lead you to make changes. The Goblin likes to play tricks on you to get you to see something that was created by playing tricks on your mind, an illusion. Like the illusionist, as mentioned yesterday, you see what is there however there are many tricks behind the scenes that happened in order to get you to believe in what you are seeing. Once the magic 🔮is exposed it loses its lustre. The Goblin is the same. It tries to attract your attention to the shiny thing so that you don’t see what is hidden. It is time for you to take your power back and stop watching the antics of The Goblin. You may need to take a step back and watch from a distance. This will give you the bigger picture and a wider lens. Shine your light and see what is hidden in the darkness. Spirit ✨ knows this can be difficult because we don’t want to admit we were fooled however it is needed. We all get fooled at times. It’s time to take responsibility and accountability for ourselves and learn from those incidences. Look into your heart and see what what is true. You will know it, and feel it, deep within. Be open to whatever comes to you and allow your intuition to discern what is true. It is only through allowing yourself to see the truth that you can heal. Yes the truth can be painful at times and The Goblin wants to protect you however is it really protection if it is deception and perhaps lead to further harm in the future? The truth will set you free from the deception and open your mind to other possibilities. Forgive yourself. Release yourself from The Goblins antics as they come from a place of fear. Trust your intuition and the wisdom within. The wisdom that is the light ✨ that comes from Spirit ✨. Heal your wounds and enjoy the power that comes from healing and being your true, authentic self.


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