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February 26,2022


February 26,2022

Whatever is in your dreams and visions will come to fruition in Divine timing. The Bee ๐Ÿ is our messenger today and reminds us that our hard work and sticking to our goals will bring us rewards๐Ÿฏ. Keep in mind that it does take time to collect what you need and put things in order. Just allow the process to unfold as it is meant to Bee ๐Ÿ. Humans are stuck in linear time and always want a time line. How many times have you set timelines and then, due to various circumstances, you have had to adjust them. Life is dynamic and changes daily, if not more often, so allow yourself to go with the flow. Sometimes there are deadlines and those need to be met. Deadlines are different than timelines. Take the weight of expectations off your shoulders. I heard a quote a long time ago which said โ€œIf you expect nothing then everything is a giftโ€. That resonated deeply with me. So in context with the reading donโ€™t expect anything knowing that whatever you are doing to help make the honey ๐Ÿฏ is enough. Be grateful for what is. Others may be doing more, others less. This is not a competition. Everyone who contributes makes a difference. One Bee ๐Ÿ makes a difference and so do you. Have faith and be proud of your contributions. Little bits add up to big bits. The Bee ๐Ÿ has a specific job and so do you. It all comes together for the benefit of all. Today, and everyday, Just Bee ๐Ÿ you and listen to your guidance. You are needed. You are loved. And you will create a beautiful pot of honey ๐Ÿฏ. Keep the faith. ๐Ÿ™


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