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February 26,2023


February 26,2023

Going into this week it is important to know that knowledge is power. What you know deep within, what you are being told and what is actually happening may not make sense at times 🐍. It will be important that you go within and check in with your heart and soul as to what is right, what it needs and what works best for you. Spirit ✨ is watching over and helping you to see the bigger picture, other possibilities and other perspectives 🦅. You may be drawn to learning something new. For some this may be higher education and/or life experiences. Be open to what may come forth. It is important for you to stand tall and in your power 🦌. It will also be important for you to take responsibility for what you do know and use that knowledge wisely🦌. Use that knowledge to help yourself and others to see things from a higher perspective 🦅and to heal. Use that deep wisdom and knowledge to guide you and, in turn, to help others. Help others to help themselves and be their best selves🦌. You know instinctively what is right, what you need to do and where you need to go. Allow your instincts and intuition to guide you as they come from Spirit ✨. With so much information coming to you at this time it will be important to stay grounded and connected with Spirit ✨. The Goblin card yesterday reminded us that there may be distractions. Keep in mind that not all that is shiny is gold. There may be other elements hidden under the shiny golden surface. Be alert and stay connected with Spirit ✨. Act with integrity and take time to honour who you are. You are here for a reason. Knowledge is power, knowledge is your power. Connect with your inner power and nature to find your rhythm and balance.


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