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February 27,2022

As we begin to enter into the energies of the New Moon 🌚 in Pisces ♓️ we are being called upon to look at those issues in the shadows and find peace with them. March has all the planets 🪐 moving direct, plus an Equinox, so it may be a fast moving month filled with action. In preparing to move ahead it is important that you know your foundation values, what triggers you and what is important in your life. It is also important to know the why’s of all your emotions, values etc..

The Patchwork Heart was gifted to me recently through meditation from Spirit to help me put back the pieces of my shattered heart. It helped me see what I needed to keep as well as let go of. What I wanted and what was important to me. My wish is that it can help you too.

I offer it for $22 or a donation of your choice. Instructions and templates will be sent to you via email, or snail 🐌 mail if you prefer.

Please contact me through the info on my business card. I also have a new email, and a website,

Please feel free to share.

Thank you and God bless🙏💜

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