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February 28,2023


February 28,2023

Closing out the month is The Merlin. Changes are happening, balance is being restored however you may not be able to see it as yet. Please keep in mind that there is often things happening in the unseen realms before the magic 🔮✨is revealed. Personally it is important for you to find your own balance and make any changes that you require. If any areas of your life need adjustments then now would be the time to look at what your options are and what other possibilities exist. Is there something you may be missing? Even the smallest adjustments can make a big difference. Hold your power and listen to your intuition. Connect with Spirit ✨and the Spirit ✨within. Stay positive and be grateful. Enjoy each day. This may be difficult at times however it is important. Keep in mind that we live on the physical plane however we are a spiritual ✨ beings and therefore we are all connected. As events and situations occur it will be important that you remember that everything happens as it is meant to be. Spirit ✨ is with you always and with us always. Stay calm and make sure to find time each day to get into that calm space. This may be listening to music 🎶 or water sounds, it may mean nature walks 🌲, prayers 🙏or meditation 🧘‍♀️. Do whatever works for you and have a few tools available as some things may work better on different days. This is a time of new beginnings so focus on what you do want and give your fears to Spirit ✨and your angels 👼. Use your wisdom, the wisdom that lies deep within that comes from Spirit✨. Be the calm in the storm. That may mean taking some time for yourself. Please take care of you. Be honest and true to yourself. Keep the faith. A quote that I like from John Lennon is “In the end everything will be okay. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end. “ New beginnings require endings. Allow what needs to end to end and be open for new possibilities. Spirit ✨is working the magic 🔮behind the scenes. Be prepared for change. With Spirit ✨ anything is possible. Perhaps lead will turn into gold, after all, we are heading into the Golden Age. 🙏✨🏆


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