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February 4,2022


February 4,2022

Coming out of the darkness of the past and into the light requires taking a Risk at times. There are many directions you can go and all will lead you to where you need to be. Use your intuition to guide you. Whatever direction you choose know that’s God, Spirit and your angels 👼 will be with you and provide help and insights along the way if you ask. There may be some twists and turns however keep in mind that obstacles are put in your path for a reason. They are presented to help you learn more about yourself, life and love and to heal. Open your heart ♥️ and listen, and feel, the love 💜 being sent to you and surrounding you. Taking a Risk may mean that you break free from the herd and go it alone for a while. This can be scary for some however please remember you are not alone. Decide today to walk to the light. Lift your heart and embrace the love that surrounds you and shine that light to help others as well. This is a moment in time where we need to step out and step up to take a Risk if we want change. The choice is always yours. What will you choose?Love💜, light ✨ and blessings 🙏


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