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February 4,2023


February 4,2023

Today the Communication card appears. There is a lot in this message today so I will try to Communicate as much as I can. Number one, and most important, is the Communication with yourself. Integrate mind and heart. Keep your thoughts positive. Connect with your mind, body and soul. Connect with Spirit . Trust that everything is happening as it is meant to be. You are where you are meant to be. Stay calm knowing that. Be grateful for what is and where you are now. Watch your thoughts. If you tell yourself something often enough you will begin to believe it. Believe that you can handle whatever is put in front of you. Staying grounded comes up, again 🙃. This is where you stay calm and in balance so that you can think clearly. Learn how to do this so when things spiral out of control you know how to find your balance. There is also a small note about Communication glitches. This could be in relationships so approach conversations calmly and speak from the heart ♥️. Is there someone you need to get in touch with? The glitch may also be in our Communication systems ie electronics etc., if that occurs for you just breathe and stay calm and have a back up plan. As things change we may need to find alternate routes along the way. It may feel like you are going in circles at times. Trust and have faith. Sometimes you may need to revisit something a few times in order to understand what you need to know. All aspects of Communication are changing. Allow the changes. Follow your heart. Listen to your intuition.


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