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February 5,2022


February 5,2022

During these changing times it is very important to stay grounded and in the moment where calmness of spirit and clarity of the mind reside. There is a lot of energy surrounding us right now and it would be easy to let this energy overwhelm you. Connect with Spirit to help you stay calm. Stay quiet and peaceful within. It is important now to give yourself time daily to go within and find that calm and neutral mind. Now is the time to watch and wait. If you are called to take action then go within and connect with Spirit. Ask what is the best action to take. Keep an eye on things and use all your senses to pick up information that is continuously coming at you. The road ahead is still a bit fuzzy but it is full of light. There may be some people you meet that are agitated and angry. Listen quietly and patiently. This is not the time to react. Listen and send love as intense emotions hide other emotions deep within. Be gentle with yourself as the waves of energy swirl. Stand peaceful and be kind. Soften your heart ♥️ and let the love that surrounds you take you to where you need to be. You are always where you are meant to be. Angels 👼 surround you. Trust and have faith that God will lead you/us through this. Believe.


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