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February 6,2022


February 6,2022

The anchor card this week is Protection. Trust where Spirit is leading you. Take time to pause now and again to breathe in the fresh air and be grateful for the life it brings you. There may be times along the way that you feel emotional. Remember that emotions come up as our internal GPS that gives us some guidance on where we need to go and how to get there. Sometimes when you are exploring new routes you find they may not be right for you or they end up as a dead end. That’s okay. Backtracking helps you to see things from a different direction and helps you to unwind whatever the issues are so then you can choose another path with more clarity and wisdom than before. This is a time in our history where we need faith and trust in the Divine plan. This requires going with the flow as often the speed and direction of the flow changes. It also means to enjoy the times when the waters are peaceful. All this requires some practice as we are used to being “busy” and therefore often do not take the time to tune in to our intuitive side. We “just do” instead of “just be”. Yes there is anxiety with the unknown at times however it is important to not let it consume you. Anxiety appears when we are projecting into the future and of course that is unknown. Live in the present moment. The here and now. That is where calmness, peace🕊 and clarity of mind reside. When you feel anxious take time to stop and breathe and remember that your angels 👼, guides and Spirit are always with you to help you in whatever way is needed. Decide where you want to start on this new adventure and envision what you want for your life. Go at your own pace. This is not a race or competition. Although at times we will all be in a similar path keep in mind that each individual path is unique. Shine your light 🌟 and allow God’s love 💜and light ✨to shine through you. Go forward quietly, calmly and know that you are surrounded by the love of Spirit. The love in your heart is the greatest gift of all. Be love. Share your love.


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