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February 9, 2022

Updated: Feb 10, 2022


February 9,2022

In order to follow your path and be free to find what you are looking for you need to Let Go. Let Go of old beliefs, negative thoughts and patterns of thoughts and behaviour that you have learned over the years. It is time to create new ones and let the beauty of your soul, the true authentic you, be revealed. Do not fret and worry about what you will look like/be when the process is done. Will there be difficult times. Yes. There will be pain and grief as you say goodbye to things you have hung on to. Think of The Butterfly 🦋. In order to change from a caterpillar 🐛 to a Butterfly 🦋 great struggles occur in the caccoon. These struggles give strength to The Butterfly’s 🦋 wings so that it can fly once it emerges. Without the struggles The Butterfly 🦋 would not be able to fly and complete its cycle of life. The Butterfly 🦋 would continue to struggle on the ground for the rest of its days. Struggle gives you freedom to fly and experience all this life has to offer. The Butterfly 🦋, while in the caccoon, does not even think about what it will look like when it emerges. The Butterfly 🦋 does not tell Spirit what it wants to look like. The Butterfly 🦋 trusts the process and knows that it will be beautiful once it is free. So seriously look at your life and set the intention to Let Go of things, thoughts, beliefs etc that you not longer want, like or need and be determined, like The Butterfly 🦋, to emerge more beautiful than ever. Let Go and Let God. You are not alone. Your angels, guides, Spirit and God are there to help you. Ask for help and you shall receive.

Now get your wings strong so you can be free to fly and show the world how beautiful you are. Most people, when they see a Butterfly 🦋 , it brings a smile to their face and a sense of joy 🤩 to to their hearts 💕 . Show yourself and spread the joy 🤩.


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