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February 8,2023


February 8,2023

Know your limits. Know what you are prepared to accept and not. It is important to know your boundaries. Know which boundaries you can shift slightly and which ones you need to defend. Know when to purr and know when to defend yourself or leap away. Take time to watch and observe others and also yourself. Observe your reactions to various things. Listen to that deep inner wisdom that comes through Spirit to discern what is real and what is an illusion. The Cat 🐈 can see into the darkness. Think of how illuminated The Cat’s 🐈 eyes are in the darkness. Your eyes may not glow but your internal flame 🕯️ does so you too can see into the darkness and dispel all fear. You can see what is really there and therefore dispel any illusions that others may have told you or you have told yourself. The Cat 🐈 is independent as it respects itself and refuses to accept anything that is not healthy or that makes it uncomfortable. Through The Cat’s 🐈 ability to hold true to itself and maintain healthy boundaries The Cat 🐈 is accepted, and respected, for itself. The Cat 🐈 is patient while teaching you its boundaries so as you too learn to accept and establish your boundaries have patience with yourself and others. Others may not like it at times however remain strong and consistent while at the same time being agile and able to land on your feet when you fall. Spirit ✨ and your angels are always there to help and guide you. Listen to your intuition and pay attention to signs along the way. The Cat 🐈 will lead you through the darkness and into the light with grace ✨. The Cat 🐈 can teach you how to find the peace 🕊️ within by being comfortable with who you are. Are you ready to be like The Cat 🐈 and take a leap of faith?


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