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February 9,2023


February 9,2023

The theme of releasing baggage and lightening your load continues. It is being repeated because it is important. In order to continue the journey, preconceived ideas, hurts, mistakes etc. that ego continues to hang on to, must be dealt with so that you can see new possibilities, think clearly and have an open heart and mind. The memories may remain however they will soften in time. The next phase, if you would like to call it that, is Forgiveness. This is a difficult concept for many as it often feels that you are letting others, and yourself, off the hook. It actually works the opposite. It does not mean whatever happened was right however Forgiveness releases the heaviness from yourself and allows you to lighten your load. When you are weighed down it can be difficult and tiring to move on so you just see the world from one perspective. We all have done things that we knew weren’t right or wish we had done better. As we grow we learn and see things in a different light. You do the best you can with the tools you have at the time. Forgive yourself. You have learned and now it’s time to take the lessons with you into the future. Go at your own pace. Stay grounded and when needed stop, watch and listen. See into the shadows. You might not like all that you see however you do have power to change if you so desire. Forgiveness can help shine the light on the truth and release you from the darkness. A darkness we have often put ourselves in. Life is a Mystery and the best is yet to unfold.


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