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January 10,2023


January 10,2023

Spirit knows that there is a lot happening that we cannot see from ground level. The Eagle 🦅 is our connection with Spirit ✨and the angelic 😇 realms. Spirit ✨is watching from above and sees the big picture. The Eagle 🦅 symbolizes our connection with Spirit ✨. What you may not be able to see from your vantage point The Eagle 🦅 can see from high above. Listen to your intuition as your angels 😇 will guide you if you are open to listening. The Eagle 🦅 can see sharply and clearly for great distances. Allow Spirit ✨ to see ahead and guide you on a daily basis. Start each day by connecting with Spirit ✨and your angels 😇 and ask them what you need to know today. Then set your intention to follow their guidance for the day. Right now love 💜, light ✨and truth 🗡seem to be important themes so I set my intention/theme for the day to send love 💕 and light ✨to everyone I see. Listen to what comes up for you. I set my intention to speak the truth and also to honour myself by doing things and being with people that align with my core values. That doesn’t mean they agree with me however it does mean they accept me for who I am. If you are not sure about what is happening around you it may be helpful to see yourself as an Eagle 🦅 and fly high above your situation to get a Bird’s Eye 🦅 view and help you to see things from a higher perspective. Trusting the process is important and maintaining your integrity is important as well. The Eagle 🦅 watches. The Eagle 🦅 knows what it needs and is willing to take flight and soar when needed. Connect with Spirit ✨🦅so you too know when it’s time to soar. The sky’s the limit.


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