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January 11,2022


January 11,2022

The Burdens you have been carrying are keeping you from seeing the forest through the trees. Because they have been weighing you down you are finding it harder to move and it is even too difficult to turn and see what is in the periphery. It’s like having tunnel vision. What would happen if you put down your Burdens and went to explore? Without carrying the heavy load you will feel lighter and therefore have more energy to explore. Get rid of “stuff” in your home that you no longer like, need, want or use and allow others to get benefit from it. This will help you clear your space, the deadfall so to speak, so that you can see all there is and nothing is hidden, or lost, in the rubble. With your Burden your mind continuously circles back to remind you how heavy your load is. You can leave your Burdens with Spirit as you take a break from carrying them. Trust that Spirit will take care of of them. Once you release what you no longer need then you will begin to see the beauty that is around you and realize that, without the heavy load, you are more able to venture out and explore. You will find ways to heal. Change is difficult however there is beauty in change. Sometimes this beauty is hidden initially because we have not been in the frame of mind to see it so it may take some time to adjust. Sometimes the beauty and what we seek is right in front of our eyes however because we are focused on the heavy load we don’t even see it. Are you ready to release your Burdens to Spirit and step forward into new possibilities? There is a possibility of hidden opportunities. 🙏🔮


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