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January 11,2023

Updated: Jan 12


January 11,2023

Today I was guided to digress from the “Wisdom of Avalon” deck and use the “Way of the Horse” deck by Linda Kohanov. For those that know me, and my horse 🐴 obsession, this guidance met no opposition 😂. So today we have the wisdom of the horse 🐴.

The horse 🐴 comes through to give us a message that we must remain vigilant. We have had messages regarding fear, transition and discernment lately and the horse 🐴 comes through to remind us that we need to pay attention to our instincts. In watching over the herd the stallion may sense danger when a cougar is walking by in the distance however by watching the scene he realizes that the cougar is not hungry at this time, and therefore, the herd is not in danger. So he can relax and no need to sound the alarm. However later the cougar may return and now is hungry and therefore behaving differently. Now the fear is real and action needs to be taken. You would be wise, over the next few months especially, to use your instincts to determine when your fear is real and requires action and when a situation just needs more observation. Fear can alert you of clear and present danger and also it can be beneficial to help you to make decisions. You will need to decide which. Fear can make you run blindly away or it can heighten your awareness so you can safely navigate your way to where you need to go. We often see fear as a negative emotion but it can work for our benefit as well. When you are in unknown territory you will feel fear at times so you need to rely more on your intuition to guide you. Are you dealing with a legitimate fear? Is your fear internal or external? Is the fear threatening your belief system or your physical wellbeing? When fear comes to us we feel vulnerable. This is when you need all your tools to assess what the real fear is. Seeing fear as your friend versus your enemy can be helpful. Staying in fear means you never have time to gallop in the green grass and have fun. You need to find enjoyment in each day. Have courage to see your fear and use your intuition and skills of discernment to guide you. If in doubt ask Spirit ✨or your angels 👼 for guidance. Being watchful is different than being fearful.


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