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January 12,2023


January 12,2023

A Burden is something that weighs you down, a heavy load, and either slows your progress or holds you back. When you have carried heavy Burdens for a long time you may not even be aware of what you are carrying anymore however, over time you become more weary. These Burdens are often more of a mental, emotional or spiritual nature and often they are circumstances that created our belief system. They may be relationships. They may be regrets. Whatever they are they are unique to you. To release them means change and Spirit understands that can be difficult. When you have been in one spot for a long time it can be a challenge to take that first step. Like when you have been sitting in one position for a long time and when you go to move you are a little stiff and it takes a few steps to get the joints moving freely. Releasing your Burdens is similar. If you are not sure what your Burdens are you can ask Spirit and your angels 👼 to help you see. Another great idea is to go through drawers/closets/boxes and declutter. Memories/thoughts/emotions may come up. Take time to acknowledge them, explore them, understand them and then give them to Spirit ✨ or see them blowing away in the breeze like leaves 🍁 in the fall. This year is a big year for releasing, healing, change and transition. Forewarned is forearmed so as you uncover different thoughts, beliefs or encounter situations that may be triggering know they are being uncovered to be revealed and healed. Notice how light you feel when you let go of things, patterns thoughts etc. that you no longer need, want, or no longer are healthy for you. Set your intention to allow whatever you need to heal come forth. There may be some emotional times. Allow those as well. Our emotions are a way of helping us to see what is hidden. Ask yourself “why”questions to explore the root cause. Release your Burdens so you can walk more freely and feel more lightness and energy. Be grateful each day. Smile 😊 as you feel the weight lifting off your shoulders. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you and that is within you.


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