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January 14,2022


January 14,2022

You may be feeling like you are drowning in emotions and feelings right now. A lot continues to happen in our life and with the shifting of energies you may be feeling very vulnerable. It is important right now to stay calm. The more you splash around the more tired you will get. Save your energy to deal with things you have control of. There is a lot right now that you don’t have control of. Let this stuff settle to the bottom of the pool. You can deal with it later if you need to. Allow the water to wash away all the energy that is sticking to you. A good way to do this is turn the water to cold at the end of your shower. The cold water will cleanse your aura. Let the water flow over you and allow the water to take away your emotions and feelings. Acknowledge them however see them for what they are and let them go so you can start with a clean slate. Breathe. Stay calm. Allow yourself to heal. Stay focused on your section of the pool. Do what you need to do however don’t take on any extras right now.


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