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January 14,2023


January 14,2023

Birth-Rebirth. We are being asked to leave our comfort zone and what we have known for so long to come out into the world to create something new. This means leaving, or rethinking, many, but not all, of our own thoughts, beliefs, patterns etc. and creating new ones. This means seeing what is most likely right in front of us in a different light. It is about seeing what is in the shadows and how that affects us and knowing that at any point we can choose to step into the light where we can create our own shadows and can change how the shadows look by simply moving our bodies, thoughts etc.. It is about not fearing your own shadow because that shadow is you. We still require vigilance and discernment as our friend the horse 🐴 reminded us in the reading on Wednesday. Sometimes we need to face the fear and other times we will need to use our instincts and intuition to walk, or gallop 🏇, away. Staying grounded and in a calm space will help you to think and see clearly and therefore act mindfully versus react. Keep your focus on what Spirit ✨ would do and know that Spirit ✨ always acts from a place of love. Your path is leading you to that place of peace 🕊️, harmony and balance. The path is leading you out of the darkness and into the light. The light ✨ and love 💜 of Spirit ✨ that only wants the best for you and for you and to know that you are loved, to love yourself and therefore be able to love others. Think of the love a baby feels when he/she is held for the first time. Think of how beautiful the baby is. Think of how it had to leave its comfort zone to come out and discover something different. Think how a small child acts with wonderment as he/she discovers new things. Now see your path as a path of discovery and see it with wonderment. “Change your thoughts-change your life.” Dr. Wayne Dyer. You have been born and now you are being born again to see the love 💜and light ✨ that is within you and around you. Are you ready and willing to change your thoughts and believe in yourself and trust in Spirit✨? Are you ready to step into the light ✨and feel the love💜?


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