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January 16,2022


January 16,2022

The anchor card for this week is The Bard. What stories are running through your head? What stories are you hearing? You can’t believe everything you hear as often stories are embellished and so even though there may be a shred of truth it is important to filter through the extras and find the truth that may be hidden within. Listen to the stories playing in your head. Listen carefully to how you speak to yourself. This is important. If you find that your thoughts are negative you may want to rewrite your story and find the positive aspects. Find the joy 🤩 in telling your story. Speak kindly of yourself. You have made mistakes however we all do. You can’t change what has happened however you can put a new spin on it. Telling your story is healing for yourself and others. You never know who your story will inspire. As for the future. This is the time to create a new story. This is the time to create the future. You may come across many possibilities on your journey. Be open to the adventure and have fun. Find joy 🤩 in every day. Create your story every day. Work together with Spirit to guide you.


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