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January 19,2023


January 19,2023

As we enter into the energies of the new moon 🌚 in Aquarius ♒️ on January 21, The Lady of the Lake once against rises. Now is the time to speak your truth. Now is the time to stand in your power. Be truthful to yourself. The truth will dissolve the mists of illusion that have been surrounding you for a very long time. Just like the fog dissipates when the sun ☀️ shines, your light can dispel the mists. The Lady holds Excalibur🗡, the sword of truth 🗡 and she can help you discern the truth. Respect yourself. Stand in your truth. Have the courage to be you. The waters may be choppy for a while. Know that is part of the plan. Also keep in mind that the waters are choppy in a storm ☔️ 💨 🌊 however the storm does not last forever. Your courage will help you to ride the waves. Know that Spirit ✨ is with you. Trust Spirit ✨ to steer the boat and keep you safe. It is time to take responsibility for your actions. Admit your mistakes. Ask for forgiveness. You will be forgiven. Open your heart 💜 to Spirit ✨ and listen to your inner soul. Your mind may be full of thoughts, you may feel emotional. Let your heart 💜 guide you. The Lady arises as you need to step up and open your senses to see, feel and hear what is the truth and now walk in your truth. The truth lies within. You can feel it and you know it. You may have doubts if you can do this. Spirit ✨ wants you to know you can. You have the courage within as you chose to come here at this time. You came to hold the love, light and truth and make a difference and you are. Well done light workers!!✨💜


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