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January 2,2023


January 2,2023

Disruption comes out again today. Please keep in mind that there has been Disruption for almost three years now. Disruption is needed in order for us to find new ways. As humans we often need a crisis or a major upset in order to make changes and to see things differently. Now is the time to understand this and embrace new thoughts, ideas and ways of doing things. The old way is gone and now it is time for us to Disrupt those pathways and create new ones. Yes it can churn you up a bit and it can be frustrating and disappointing however please keep your vision and dream alive and go with the flow. Once Disruption has occurred we can see things from a different viewpoint. You are not alone. Trust and have faith. Spirit is with you and is steering the boat. Go with the flow and be open to new ideas and ways of doing things. This is uncharted waters so the possibilities are endless. Disruption can also churn up your emotions. There may be emotions that come to the surface that have been hidden below. As Mercury is retrograde there may be things from the past that surface as they need more light to shine on them. Anything is possible. Allow them to surface, let them get some light and then allow the waters to take them away. Some things that surface may be shocking. Be aware and forewarned so that you remain calm and clear in your thinking. When you feel the jolt ️, pause and breath. Breath into your heart space and make your exhalation longer than your inhalation in order to calm the nervous system. This is a good thing to practice daily so that you are familiar and comfortable with it when you need it. (If you want further research on breathing I would recommend checking out Heart Math, yoga or meditation sites). Stay calm. Stay cool. Stay connected with Spirit .


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