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January 20,2023


January 20,2023

The Lady of the Lake comes back today as she knows that seeing the truth and accepting only the truth can be difficult. You have been shrouded in the mists for way too long and now the mists are parting revealing the beauty that lies behind them. Things may not be as expected and that’s okay. Your Partnership with Spirit will help you. Working together with Spirit and your higher self will help you see what is truth, what has been an illusion and what is still unclear. The simplest of things may bring you interesting thoughts and ideas. Allow these thoughts. Explore the ones that peak your interest. Right now we are still in a watchful phase. Soon all planets will go direct and we will be in an action phase. With the mists now parted look around you and see what catches your eye. Some areas may still be fuzzy. If that is the case seek the truth about what is right before you. That’s all you need to know for now. Stay in the present moment and when ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and situations arise ask questions to determine if this is true and especially if this is true for you. Others may not feel the same and that is ok. Stay strong, stand tall. We are being challenged in many ways. Most challenges are created to bring us back to our true and authentic selves. A place where we feel grounded, at peace 🕊️ and connected with Spirit ✨. As challenging as the truth can be at times it is true that the truth does set you free. When nothing is hidden you can see what is before you and you can deal with what is true. When you are unsure there is often anxiety and that is much more difficult to deal with long term. Will you take the challenge to rise up and stand tall and see the truth as it is revealed and take control and responsibility over yourself and your actions? Know there is plenty of help if needed. The Universe wants to work with you and walk with you. Are you open to the Partnership?


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