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January 21,2022


January 21,2022

Once again The Lady of the Lake rises up. When The Lady appears she means business and asks everyone to rise to the challenge. It is time to demand nothing but the truth. You have been deceiving yourself for a long time in order to survive however that time has passed and if you want to thrive and have a more peaceful ๐Ÿ•Š and authentic life you must stop fooling yourself. It will not be easy at times. You have the courage to do this. This is a time to rise up and take responsibility and stop fooling yourself, fooling others and allowing others to fool you. Use your intuition. If something doesnโ€™t seem right then it most likely isnโ€™t. It may mean you need to take some time to research what is the truth and finding the truth may be shocking however it is needed. Knowledge is power and the truth does set you free because the truth is genuine and it never changes. If rules/ideas/thoughts keep changing then they are often based on lies and deceptions. You know yourself that if you lie it is often difficult to keep the story straight as you forget what you have said and eventually you get found out. The truth is the same today, tomorrow and for time eternal. Spirit asks that you take the message of The Lady seriously and to heart โ™ฅ๏ธ. If you want things to change and you want the truth then it is time now to stand up and take responsibility. Noone can help you but you. A quote from the series Women of the Movement, โ€œWhatever happens to one of us had better be the business of all of usโ€. Before you were the eye of the storm. Now you are the storm. Now you must create the waves in order to bring up hidden truths from the deep. Once revealed and acknowledged the storm shall too pass. Love and respect yourself enough to be the storm โ›ˆ. Life is much more peaceful ๐Ÿ•Š and balanced when you are your true self and when you live the truth.


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