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January 22,2022


January 22,2022

Truth. 🗡The Truth 🗡will set you free. It sets you free because the Truth 🗡never changes. You can count on the Truth 🗡to be the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. If it’s not the Truth🗡 the story changes and varies to the point you are not sure what the story is anymore. The Lady spoke of Truth 🗡yesterday. Once again we are being asked to seek the whole Truth 🗡and nothing but the Truth🗡. Truth 🗡is a bridge. The bridge takes you safely to where you are going. Yes the Truth 🗡can be scary at times however once revealed you have the strength, courage and wisdom to deal with it. Without the Truth 🗡you are forever being tossed around by the unknown currents and it is hard to get your bearings straight. This state of confusion leads to continued stress and fear and then it is difficult for you to think clearly and rationally on how to get yourself to safety. The Truth🗡 is your life saver so to speak. Ask Spirit to help you see the Truth 🗡and allow Spirit to be your lifesaver. It may be difficult to accept the Truth 🗡and cross the bridge however once you are across the freedom you experience to be yourself and be your authentic self is most rewarding and will make life a lot easier. You are who you are. Honour and cherish your Truth🗡. Honour and cherish the Truth🗡 of others as well. We are all unique. Your Truth, and that of others, does not make you right or wrong, and vice versa. It is simply your Truth🗡. Do not judge others for you so too shall be judged. (Matthew 7:1-2). Stand in your power. Stand in your Truth 🗡.


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