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January 23,2022


January 23,2022

Things will continue to change and the speed that the changes come will seem to be quicker and quicker. It will feel like you have barely recovered from the last change when something else is upon you. It can seem overwhelming and at times you may want to give up. Please stay strong and take a break as you need it. Once you have uncovered the path it will be easier to follow. Doing nothing means nothing will change. Sometimes you have to just let go of all your previous expectations and ideas and allow new ideas, routines, paths to come forth. Following new paths takes courage and you do have the courage. Most importantly you have to want to create something new. Again it is always your choice however doing the same thing over and over again means the same results over and over again. Spirit is giving you an opportunity to change and create, develop and birth some new things. Are you will to step forward and trust and have faith?


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