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January 23,2023


January 23,2023

Well……keeping with the theme of Birth-Rebirth, today we have the Death card. This card is not about literal Death it is about significant changes in our lives. Yes physical Death of someone close to you is a significant change and brings you into the grief process. Death reminds us of love. The more you love someone or something the harder it is to let go. Tap into this love and use it to your advantage. Grief itself can be very uncomfortable because it can take you in many directions. Keep in mind that as you let go of anything there is grief. Grief can help shine light on many things we have never seen , or noticed before. Use the grieving process as a way to connect with your true self, make changes in your life or be grateful for what you do have. The Birth-Rebirth cycle gives us the opportunity to take a look at our lives and see what changes we would like to see for the future. That which is no longer in your best interest will be washed out to sea. Note that there may be some items left on the beach that grab your attention. You see what you are meant to see. Death also brings in the concept of the unknown which can bring forth fear. You can choose to be in fear, the negative, or you can choose to see the light, the positive. If you had the ability to live your life again what would you do differently? These changes that are upon us give us that opportunity. If you are unsure trust that what you need to see in a different light will come ashore. Seek answers within. You know yourself best. Listen to the wisdom within and follow your intuition. Take time to breathe if you find your emotions becoming heightened. The changes coming are positive although at times they may not look like it. Life looks different in a cloudy day versus a sunny day. When in doubt shine your light . Walk along the beach with Spirit and your angels 😇. They are always with you.


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