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January 24,2023


January 24,2023

At times it can be easy to lose your temper especially when you feel threatened. The answer is both simple and complex. Don’t go there…which is easier said than done. With the energies around us, often sending us in different directions, we can become easily confused. When we are confused it’s hard to see clearly and we are so busy trying to figure things out that we forget to take a moment to breathe and consult with our heart ♥️. As all planets are direct now there may be a lot of buzzing as we prepare to move forward. This buzzing may be annoying for some which in turn may cause a reaction. If you are feeling that things are moving too fast and/or the noise is annoying you that’s ok. You are aware. Being aware is the first step. Then take a few minutes/hours/days to remove yourself and return to your calm and centered place. Having some time to yourself and finding a method of activity that brings you in balance is important. Surrounding yourself with like minded people will be helpful. Find a way that you can connect with your heart ♥️ and send out loving energy knowing that others too may be confused, overwhelmed or irritated. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Know that love is a more powerful energy than fear or hate. Love is the greatest healer of all and we are here to learn that. Anger does indeed seem powerful in the moment as it is backed in fear which definitely gets our attention however, anger is often hiding deeper emotions that require healing. If you are feeling angry instead of stinging and driving others away take time to explore why you are angry. You might be surprised. 🤗 Acknowledging and understanding are most helpful. If you have made mistakes, and we all have, then forgive yourself. As you love and accept yourself more you will find the frequency and intensity of your reactions becomes less and over time your reaction will be to send love versus retaliation. Watch how that affects others. You may feel alone but the light and love of one person can make a difference. Don’t get caught up in the buzz of the nest. It can get busy so be discerning and stay true to yourself.


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